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Thread: Cla..sika head..?????

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    Cla..sika head..?????

    hi all...i am wondering if some one could do me a big favour,i am heading over to the CLA this year and i am bringing a big trophy sika head with me that leec6.5 took when he was over with me last year on a is to expensive to post over and i dont want the head to some how get lost in the post..???and as i am heading over to the fair i will bring it with me,so if anyone knows leec6.5 or lives within a 1 hour drive of brooke in norfold..would collect the head off me on the sat or sun..of the fare,i would appreciate it and i know leec6.5 would to..and lee could collect it off u...and some time down the line i could return the favour...

    thanks mark...

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    I'll be at the fair on the Sunday I can take it as far as northampton if you don't get anyone nearer .

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    Im back in norfolk next weekend and collect from norma and deliver to lee regards tony

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    Cla not for a while yet m8
    ​cheers doug

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    all sorted now , i will be speaking to mark this eve to finalise arrangements !

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    Thanks for all the offers...sorted now cheers m

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