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Thread: Additional items

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    Additional items

    As promised

    Blackhawk 1 inch lace-up cheek piece

    Only put on a rifle once, after which I quickly realised that I would need higher mounts to use it

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    1 piece branded Tikka mounts. Medium height. I used these for a while on my M595 quite happily, so they have a good bite on them.

    20 posted ono

    Garlands barrel cover in realtree APG. Brand new and unused.

    8 posted.

    Garlands neoprene scope cover in Realtree APG. Fit up to a 44mm objective lense.

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    Burris scope cover. Large size, up to 44mm objective lense. Brand new with tags.

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    Uncle Mike's sling studs. Brand new in unopened packet.

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    Again, any questions, get in touch.


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    Anyone want to make an offer before this gear goes on ebay?!?!


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    Would the Garlands barrel cover fit an o/u 12 bore?

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    I would say not Basil.

    It is designed to fit a sami auto shotgun or umoderatered rifle (as I found out when I tried to put it over my PES )


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