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Thread: Hello from the Highlands

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    Hello from the Highlands

    Hi guys, some familliar names on here, and some of you no doubt will recognise me from other forums.

    I'm a full time professional deer stalker on a Scottish highland estate, where I've been employed since 1993.
    I've stalked litterally all my life, with my father having been a gamekeepr/stalker as I grew up.

    I pretty much always use my trusty old Sako .270 with harris bipod, T8 moderator, and Swarovski 6x42 scope.
    Ammo of choice is the federal classic 130gr.

    Came to this site due to a few members from here joining shooting community.

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    Hi Ross

    any help you need just ask
    catch up soon mate

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    Hi Rich, cheers mate, yours is one of several familliar names over here!

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    welcom roz what estate do you manage?

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    Hi FT, I'm on a private estate near Dalwhinnie at the south end of the Highlands on the A9

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    Hi Roz.

    Welcome aboard. Seen your excellent posts elswhere & wondered if you were on here under a different guise.



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    hi roz

    Hi Roz,glad to see you on here,look forward to reading some more of your great posts

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