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Thread: same gun for foxing and stalking?

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    same gun for foxing and stalking?

    i have a prohunter .243 (mountain) with t8 and 8*56 scope.
    it shoots 100gn rws and 95gn winchester ballistic tips both 1" high at 100 and 80gn winchesters 1.5" high at 100 and bull at 200m. just going to run some 55gn winchesters through it to see what its doing without altering the scope. i'm hoping that i can push things a little further/flatter and keep the gun set for deer, but still have the 55gns within an acceptable tollerance.

    does anyone else use tha same gun for deer and fox (foxing, not just while stalking), and change factory ammo to suit the job in hand. or do you stick to one type of ammo or change scope settings?

    any advice welcome.

    when the .308 variation comes through the .243 will probably be used just for foxing.


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    I used to. Winchester 55grain on fox and federal 80grain on roe. Worked a treat. The lure of more equipment lead to a change but the combination of one gun shooting various bullet weights into an acceptable kill zone at modest ranges worked for me. I think you will enjoy the winchester fodder.

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    I use the 7x64 with 105gn copper bullets. The only danger is killing the fox too much


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    Ive been using my sako forester in 243 with 95grn sst home loads for both fox and deer. But I have now decided to sell the sako and buy a 25-06 insyead as Im getting more red stalking as time goes by. I have a tikka 590 in 222 but it never gets to come out to play!! This little stick has fired less than 100 rounds and is also getting moved on for the 25-06!! Oh and I am going to try 117grn sst home loads in the 25-06 for fox and deer!


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    I use Nosler 115grn ballistic silver tip in my 25-06 on fox and deer does the job on both very well.

    A mate of mine used to use a .243 with swing off mounts and 2 scopes 1 for 55grn foxing and 1 for 100grn deer, in the end he set himself up a purely foxing rifle using 55grn silvertips devastating.



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    Hi 300wsm and MarkH. I wonder if you could define effective. Do either of you have to track many that you wound.

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    I have to date not wounded any with this combination.
    Some roe have run a little say 30m but thats normal. Rifle shoots 5cm high at 100m and zero at 240.


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    Hi mark. not entirely surprised by your results. Do you find lack of penetration a big problem.

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