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Thread: Attaching photos

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    Attaching photos

    Call me stupid, but I can't see how to attach a photo to a post. CAn anyone help me please?

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    I use image shack as you dont need to waste any time on membership details and can load them straight up..

    Click on browse

    double click your pickie

    click upload

    scroll down and highlight the top url right click to copy then up to the SD message and paste

    Hope ive explained it right.. PM me if you like


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    Yeah, you need to host the picture somewhere else like photobucket or imageshack and then use the IMG tag on stalking directory posts to insert the url of your picture.

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    Origionally provided by Stone.........
    1. Save your photos on your computer
    2. Log onto
    3. Click ‘Join Now’
    4. Go through process of joining, it’s all FREE. You’ll have to remember your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
    5. When you’re logged on your can upload pictures to your Photobucket album by pressing ‘Browse’ and finding the picture from your computer.
    6. Then click ‘Upload’.
    7. When the photo you want to enter into the thread is uploaded to Photobucket it will appear in your album, left click the little square to select that photo, left click with your mouse on the IMG Code underneath the photo. The code should go blue. Right click the mouse and copy this code.
    8. Return to forum, paste this code onto the page and give us a few words telling us more about your photo.
    9. Job done!
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