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Thread: Carl gustaff .243

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    Carl gustaff .243

    Well as the title suggests i have now been the owner of my Carl Gustaf .243 for roughly 12 months now I was gifted the rifle at the age of 16 and now being nearly 18 in a couple of weeks I will now be able to buy my tips and Rounds on my own certificate Now i put this in gunsmithing and equipment care as the rifle needs a bit of work especially after a season of park culling, stalking through overgrown woods and numerous trips all over Britain. The Rifle was gifted to me from a friend that unfortunately died of cancer in his mid 40's he never did massive amounts of stalking and only accounted for a couple of hundred rounds up the spout and i believe less than 20 Deer. Whether some of this is possible or not i really don't know but here goes....

    Carl gustaff .243
    Northstar 1/2UNF Finished in Black matt
    12 - 23" bipod
    Middle of the road sling elasticated and needs to be swapped as it's only just made it through this season....

    You can see in the below picture there is some wd40 round the outside of the mod making it look wet, and yes i know some paint is worn thin to the silver

    The Carl Gustaf 308W magazine this is of a 3 round capacity and in all honesty i preffered the Remmy's floor plate which could house more, does anyone know where this magazine would originally be from? Or if there is a larger conversion such as 5 round or possibly more I'd rather have 10 rounds than run out and have and injured deer running round a park whilst filling magazines! personal preference...
    It might ruin the looks but it's a rifle to work not look at.
    How easy is it to restore the wood stock and what products would you in particular recommend if you have done this?

    Will add more as one problem is solved before another....
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    No-one know anything about any larger magazines of the type shown in images?

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    One in the breech and three in the magazine should be enough for anyone.
    I had a Carl Gustaf .270 for many years and it was an excellent tool.
    If you want more fire-power order a couple of extra magazines, they should be obtainable from the manufacturer.


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    Have a look at this thread with regards to stock refinishing, mine has come up beautifully!

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    Thanks for the input i think a couple of magazines is the ideal way of going! i have seen culling scenarios in the park where 5 havn't been enough with jumpy Fallow and a wounded animal is presented....

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