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Thread: Dillon Advice/Help Please

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    Dillon Advice/Help Please

    Does anyone know anywhere who deals with Dillon parts please. They don't look to have dealers in the UK & only european info re dealers seems to be in Holland.I don't realy wantto go down the USA route as the postage is a fortune.

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    Dealing with Dillon in the US has never really been any problem to me, there are a few "dealers" on e-bay these days too, again mostly US based.

    What parts are you after?

    I have a few bits and pieces that I no longer use (powder measures, etc)

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    Contact Dillon direct by email, their service is absolutely superb. When they say a no BS warranty they really mean it.

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    Thanks for the replies, looks like the American ordering is the way to go.
    I'll give it a go & see what happens, I wasn't sure if they would export anymore but it seems from their site it's not a problem. Thanks again.

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    In Paris the "Armurerie de la Bourse" near Metro Bourse. They have a website. I bought some Dillon stuff from them last month. My! They WERE expensive with the awful Euro to Pund exchange rate. But...they do have the stuff in stock.

    Indeed with offers on the Eurostar you could get a return for just 80 odd and travel out to buy the stuff. A "one day" special return would be even cheaper I am guessing.

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