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Thread: Sako 75/85 in 30-06 (preferably stainless)

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    Sako 75/85 in 30-06 (preferably stainless)

    A long shot I know but..... I'm after a Sako 75 or 85 in 30-06 preferably stainless synthetic/laminate but would look at blued/wood finish for a piggy/holiday rifle. Am not in a massive rush as if I can't get one I'll be forced to save a bit more and buy new .

    Have a 75 S/S already in 25-06 but rather like it and don't want to go down the re barrel route.

    So does anyone have one they don't use anymore and wish to sell??

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    I've got a 75 for sale in 25-06 also, rebarrel that one?

    Best of luck


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    Thanks John but by the time I rebarrel it, unless its crazy cheap (PM me if you wish with a price) I wouldn't be far off buying a new one I'd imagine?

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    i`ve got sako 75 finlight 30.06 s/s fluted barrel i`m thinking of selling

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    Pm sent re the finnlight

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    Marked as sold as have bought wboulter's Finnlight, thanks to people who contacted me.

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