I spent yesterday making all the parts for a batch of telescopic highseats and managed to get them finished so they can go off to powdercoat this week.
I decided to finish the folding seat so i have two styles of ally seats. i had a late night so didnt get to work till after dinner but here is the results . It weighs in at 12 kilo it will have shoulder straps and green powder coating it uses the same base as the telescopic one as well as the same rail so components are done off one jig. there is a little difference in the hinge part but not much just the v to put into the back and the ratchet strap holes and it can go off to powder.
I have been extremely busy lately and have quite a few more things to build as i have started production of some towers for deer/boar these are going to be steel flatpack with wood panel infills, heres the vid of the folder hope you like, atb wayne