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Thread: More Sausages

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    More Sausages

    Here's my take on sausages. They are a basic breakfast sausage and I am yet to find someone that dislikes them.

    Venison 5kg
    Pork 2.95kg
    Pork Seasoning 257g
    Rusk 1.1kg
    Water 2kg

    I use pork shoulder as it has a good amount of meat fat ratio. I found using belly that the fat content continually changed so got a different sausage each time.

    Mince the venison and the pork then mix thoroughly.
    Then add the pork seasoning and rusk and mix thoroughly again.
    Then add the water and mix in, leave to rest for 15 minutes or so, so that the rusk soaks up the water.

    Put into sausage skins and enjoy.

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    Pork seasoning is a little vague, could you elaborate?

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    Go to your local butcher and ask for some, if not look on scobies website. It is the most basic mix for using in breakfast sausages.

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    Having worked in the meat trade I would still say "pork seasoning " is a little vague. Now if you were some posh Chef that would mean salt and pepper!

    Seasonings in the meat trade are normally expressed as a %.

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    The totals you have there are correct. The seasoning is put in at the correct percentage (this was given to me by the supplier and its written on the tub) and I have put the weights to make it easier for anyone that wants to use it.

    If you are having problems, then make your own recipe. If you dont like my basic explanation of pork seasoning (cos that is what it says on the tub) no sage, no onion, no blueberries, just plain pork seasoning, then again, go and buy whatever seasoning that you want.

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    That is my recipe also - I add a sprinkle of corriander (for SHMBO) and they taste great. Sometimes I use smoked bacon for a change instead of pork shoulder.


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