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Thread: DSC 1 Bursary

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    DSC 1 Bursary

    Hi all,

    I've been fortunate enough to have been given one of the bursaries from the Stalking Directory to take a DSC 1 course. So, I just wanted to thank all those that have been so generous and made the bursaries happen.

    I've booked my course through Peter at BASC, who was very helpful and informative on what I might expect. The course isn't until November, so I've got lot's of time to prepare and wade through the enormous document with all the key information. It'll also give me a chance to get some all important shooting practice in, particularly on the sitting, kneeling and standing shots, which will be new to me.

    I've got a couple of stalking trips booked before the course, so hopefully they'll give me chance to get some hands on experience too.

    Steve from DSC training has also very kindly offered a free month trial of his website to help us on our way. I reckon being a bit more interactive this will make soaking up the info a bit easier.

    I plan to post updates on how I'm getting on in the build up to the course and the outcome, but in the meantime any advice from anyone on getting through the DSC 1 course will of course be much appreciated.

    All the best.


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    Hi Si,

    Looking forward to your updates, keep us posted!

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    For about ten years I helped one of my friends who provides DSC L1 courses, by doing the firearms and deer law lectures, which was a two hour slot.
    It always became clear to me if a candidate had not adequately prepared by studying the manual.

    In all the lectures that I did, there were only a very small number who had not put in the study.

    If you thoroughly study the manual and seek advice on any aspects that you are unsure of, then you should have no problems and get a good result.
    I think you are wise to practice the shooting test too. Any opportunity to improve your deer recognitions skills by observing them, can only be a positive help.

    You are welcome to PM me with any Law related queries and I will do my best to help.
    Best wishes.

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    Welcome to the team so to speak

    ATB Tarkan

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