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Thread: Which rangefinder for 300 or under

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    Which rangefinder for 300 or under

    My first rangefinder know nothing about them iv got 300 quid which one?

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    I have a Leica LRF 900 and can only speak for this and also the LRF 1200, which I have also used. A quality bit of kit, you can pick these up for <300 second hand. Very easy to use, lightweight and can adjust for yards/metres depending on which you prefer.
    The more you use them the better you get at range finding (accurate), and with irony the less you use them. Very useful for ranging from unfamiliar high-seats; stalk to game holes/trails in preparing for shots (how I use it). Range before shooting, then when a beast does appear I know where my 200m limit is - my point blank range for a 3 inch target in 6.5x55 - and can skip swapping the bins for the RF (RF only 7x mag, which may be ok). Of course anything over 200m you can then range and adjust sights or aim off.
    ​Hope this helps.
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    Ive just put a Leica LRF 900 Scan on the classified section for 200 posted if you interested.

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    Just had delivery today of a Leica Pinmaster (900yard scan model) that I got off e....bay - brand new unopened & with all guarantees pouch strap etc from a shop in Germany - it cost 180 delivered. BARGAIN!!
    It is obviously aimed at the golfer & is white which the camo brigade may not like but I'll make a thin leather cover for it to keep it pretty.
    Leica quality for the price of a Bushnell! I feel I just got an Aston Martin for Ford Anglia money. - Well happy!


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    Put a good quality battery in it every year and you should get years of good service .


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    Hawke rangefinder 1000 Pro is a pretty good buy, does what you would expect.


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