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    hi, does any one know how i can stop pigeons coming to my bird table in my garden, i cant shoot them due to my locction, and i dont want to scare the song birds away.
    any help, would be of great help

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    put a roof on it and put some wooden dowling around it , bit like a cage , make it too small for the pigeon to get on

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    great idear, i will try that. many thanks

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    Seriously what about those needle like wires you see at stations that pest controllers put up or something similar on the edge so they can't land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    Nail a cat to it?
    Every night I have a chuckle to my self at some of the replys on here lol

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    mine has a roof and I put up V shaped Tig welding wire in the holes.

    they can get in if they are really trying but 99% of the time they either don't see the wire or cant navigate it, even creates some entertainment when they bounce off!

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    will try some spikes,
    i like the song birds, its just the pigeons i dont want really

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    If you make a cage of netting about a foot high and put that on the bird table it will stop them using it.
    2" weldmesh or a bit of harris fencing lets everything except blackies, thrushes and woodpeckers in to the feeding. If you want them to have access, use 3" netting. If you paint the cage black it 'disappears' and you don't notice it. Birds don't mind the netting as much as a solid roof - some species don't like going under a roof.

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