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Thread: Orchard Roe Buck

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    Orchard Roe Buck

    Decided last night to visit a small orchard i shoot on. A quick call to the landowner and all cleared for a morning outing and was told he had seen 4 fallow laying up earlier ! Arrived this morning at 4 45, kit on and through the gate. I stalked slowly towards the far end where I have a doe box over looking a clearing of wild flowers. I scanned the orchard Nothing! I moved farther on and scanned a small opening at the top of a plantation of xmas trees. An unfamilar shape stood 50 yards in amongst the small trees! Sticks up and through the scope a set of roe antlers. I tracked down the neck and squeezed off a round from the 270 which dropped him instantly. I dont get to shoot many roe as they are just establishing themselves and have a seen a few good bucks on another permission a mile away so this was a good one to take. I shoot many fallow throughout the season but roebucks put a bigger smile on my face!!
    ATB Steve

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    Well done Steve - I'm impressed you got the stalk onto the site so quickly!

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    No work today so need the camera space out on fallow this evening!!
    ​Atb Steve

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    ​Looks like an old bugger to me.... Well done!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    corr the one time we don't come out with you and bang! Well done

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    well done steve

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    Nice buck, Steve

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