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Thread: Food labels.

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    Food labels.

    Anyone got any recommendations for a small food label printer which could be used to sell venison products? Nothing too fancy, maybe a farm shop level or smaller version. Will need to be freezer proof too!

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    I create a template in word and print onto an A4 label self adhesive sheet which I get from Ryman Stationers (code is P1) using a standard inkjet printer. You can experiment with individual label sizes but I find that 40 per sheet works out fine for me. Then just need to write the trace code on the label, peel off the backing and apply following vacuum packing. No problems with freezing in my experience. ​Bob Attachment 27660

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    I'd be interested in recommendations for a printer attached to a set of scales so I can weigh and label at the same time.

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    Give Fisher Scales a ring at Attleborough, they service my kit and always seem to have tonnes of stuff in their workshop. The only problem might be ordering labels without having to buy 50,000 at a time. Glyn.

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    I'm not selling monkey spanker but I give to friends family etc

    I use the rolls of small oblong stickers you buy in a roll o tesco or any stationary shop
    They stick to a freezer / sand which bag no problem & I just right on em with black marker

    They handle freezer no probs
    ​... Sure as said above you can buy A4 sheets of same and print em out

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    I use a small Brother QL-550 label printer for my address labels.

    It can be configured to do all sorts of labels & the machine takes the DK type rolls.

    Cheap enough & the software that comes with it is quite good too

    You'll be able to get a second-hand one for about 20 I'd have thought

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