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Thread: advice please

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    advice please

    Hi all i dont post much on the forum but do like reading the post i am looking for a bit of advice i shot a big roe buck at the weekend and think it will be either a silver or gold once cleaned it weighed 672.5 gr full skull i know it will lose weight when totaly dry (putting it in the paint oven at work to dry it out abit ) my question is how do you score the head dont think i can put pictures up here but if anyone could advise me i would be very greatfull

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    I'll try for you cocker assuming its the one I think it is as it is a cracker

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Look here:

    Page 38 is where the roe measurements are described.

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    Thanks al4x its the one on pw i have dryed it in the oven at work for two hours and it now weighs 635.7 gr with a very low mousture content now

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    now if you want a 20 page thread you ask whether to get BASC or CIC to measure it

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    I wouldn't put it in the paint oven. It will still require 90 days.

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    The paint oven is on a low heat and is a very dry air its just to dry it out and take some of the mousture out to start with just like sticking it on a heater in the house but yeh i will still give it the 90 days

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    You've got yourself a gold mate .... well done.

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