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Thread: Great evening on Sika

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    Great evening on Sika

    Had a great evening yesterday, arrived at the ground at approx 7:30pm, there were a couple of hinds and calfs out feeding, then the 8pt in the middle of the picture appeared from the wood, shot him high on the shoulder at appox 120mtrs and dropped on the spot.

    Reloaded and waited a couple of minutes then two more animals started walking towards where the stag was lying, the pricket walked down the field to approx 30mtrs where he fell to a neck shot, as i reloaded i noticed the other 8pt which i had not seen appox 90 mtrs walking back towards the wood, as he stopped i shot him in the back of the neck, the bullet exited at the side of the jaw.

    The two 8pts larder weights were 64/65kgs and the pricket 25kgs.

    I was using Norma 120grain ballistic tips in 6.5/55 Sauer 202 Outback.

    All in all a great evening stalking.

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    spot on 8)

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    Nice Stags you got there, that was a very quick evening stalking.

    Well Done


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    one of them nights to remember,well done

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