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Thread: Sufferred a great loss today !

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    Sufferred a great loss today !

    My shooting buddy William Woycik passed today he was 73 !
    He went in the hospital thursday to have two stints put in his leg . Thursday night or friday morning his EKG showed a slight heart attack so the doctors at UVA wanted him to stay in a few more day for tests . They found he had most likely been haveing slight unnoticable heart attacks for the last couple months and that an artery in his heart was 90% blocked . So today they went in to put a stint there and when they touched it he went into arrest and were unable to revive him !
    He is survived by a wife , 2 sons , 2 daughters , 2 exwives , several grandchildren , two step children and a step son in law !

    He is survived by a wife , 2 sons , 2 daughters , 2 exwives , several grandchildren , two step children and a step son in law !
    He was a retired code welder by trade and had dabbled in running a game preserve when he retired in his mid 50's . For the last 10 or so years he had shot skeet atleast 4 times a week . I used to tease him that now his job was as a shooter . Since he liked shooting skeet , trap , silhouettes , schuetzen , BPCR , air rifles , contemporary muzzle loaders and handguns !
    He and I spent many days together shooting over the last 5 years . I wish I had known him earlier in life !

    A picture from last month when he another friend and I shot Sporting Clays .

    Rest in peace old friend you'll surely be missed
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    Sorry for your loss and condolences to his family.
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    Photos to treasure....sorry to hear of your loss, thoughts go out to his family

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    Gone but never forgotten. Sad loss to the shooting world

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    Sorry to hear your news.

    I lost two friends last year - it's not easy.

    Best wishes to his family & friends.

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    Sorry for your loss, and condolences to the family, it is just sad to lose a long time hunting partner. If you and someone hunt together on a regular basis you have a much stronger band than with a normal friend, because of the stories you share that happened on the trips.

    Best of wishes to all being affected by his passing

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    Its a sad fact of life that as we get older we loose people around us who we admire, love and respect, its never easy for those left behind.

    Our sincere condolences from all the Admin team of the SD site, to you and all his family.
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    Very sad , but at least you can remember good days out with him
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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