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Thread: FAC and S/Gun renewal Dumfries

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    FAC and S/Gun renewal Dumfries

    My renewal letter came through last week for my FAC and Shotgun, forms included. They were due to expire mid july. I got the referee's to sign my form on thursday and they also posted their part of the paperwork/signed photos on thursday. I submitted my paperwork on friday at 3pm, the FEO phoned me at 4pm and asked if i was available the following monday afternoon for a visit. Yes i was available. He came bang on 2pm and having phoned my referee's earlier on in the day it was just the home visit to go. After a quick chat about if anything had changed since my last renewal and discussing granting me more ammo to hold/purchase for home loading it was a security/serial number check. All ok. He told me to keep hold of my certs until i got my new one around early july, then just post the old ones in. All over in half an hour and in a very pleasant manner. Top marks once again from Dumfries and Galloway Firearms Team, now known as Scottish Police Authority.

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    they seem to be on the ball
    cheers lister

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    I was speaking with central scotland FAC dept yesterday regarding simoultaneous variation, renewal and move of house, the advice and approach was brilliant. Very refreshing.

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    +1 for the chaps in the central area think i was unlucky to have put variation in at time of change / office move but once they were on the case only took 3 days


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