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Thread: UKIP on firearms.....anyone read this?

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    UKIP on firearms.....anyone read this?

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    Oh dear i see all the antis are out in farce and anything that does not conform to their desires is Misinformation.

    ​Like they tell the truth?

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    I'm not going to get too involved in this, except to point out that the decline in crime so often shown as correlating with gun ownership has ocurred across all developed countries - those with and without permissive gun ownership laws. The relationship is very unlikely to be causal.

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    Interesting read, thanks, Deeangeo...

    I liked the comment attributed to the GCN :-

    Quote ""The major issue is that Farage is spouting inaccuracies. Yes it is upsetting too, but what is more important is that he is issuing statements to his constituents that are inaccurate, unsubstantiated drivel. Where is the data to back up his claim? People can't just go around saying things without backing them up." End Quote....

    If only the GCN did what they preach above, arguments / discussion would be a lot more balanced....... Their recent interview on Sky News was shocking, in that the bare faced lies and distorted truths their representative spouted were beyond biased against firearms holders.

    I think the message is clear, we ( shooters ) need to be very wary of what is promised over the next two years leading up to the next General Election.

    All the best.


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    Facts are ephemeral little blighters - it matters not the topic at hand.

    But when facts are inconvenient to a particular stance, there is always the fall back of personalisation/ demonisation/ counter 'fact' and emotion. Whether it be 'gun control' or any other topic, the 'side' that draws on hyperbole first is the one with few or no facts in their favour. The side that follows into a debate on that basis simply throws away their advantage.

    Why should we care? Because history shows that mankind has a prediliction for following glitzy hyberbole over facts nearly every time - oft with frankly disasterous results. Such public statements as shown in the link above must be challenged everytime and shown for what they are - or they become entrenched. The bottom line if that view prevails - we all remain in undue danger. Thats why we should care.
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    As UKIP get more coverage and provides another facet to the debate on gun licensing, it will help us all. Its not as simple a comparison as they imagine, but equally our current ludicrous system were FEO discuss if land is safe for calibre X but not for Y is focusing on preferential issues.

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