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Thread: Highlands & Islands.

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    Highlands & Islands.

    I hope to head up to Scotland for a week in September for a holiday with my wife, and would like to fit in a day or two's stag stalking. Any recommendations for estates with holiday cottages and hill stalking that would be able accommodate us (plus 3 dogs)? Also, what's the approximate cost of a cull stag now? It was around 500 when I last stalked in Scotland in 2008, but have just been quoted a lot higher price (I might be out of touch!).

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    pm sent for the highlands & islands.:

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    Both pm's received, thanks. As mentioned this will be a family holiday, so will need to check what other activities are available before making a decision...nothing to arouse suspicions, I hope!

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    Not sure what thats meant to mean , but if its directed at me , i do have contacts in (the highlands and islands)
    I take it im ok to recommend someone

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    hi if youre interested in stalking on mull give me a pm

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