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Thread: First rifle in .243 - Parker Hale, Steyr etc?

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    First rifle in .243 - Parker Hale, Steyr etc?

    Hi all

    I'm led to believe that my license will be returned shortly with a .243 allowance on it for foxes (to be changed to deer as soon as DSC1 completed, and the main quarry will be roe and some fallow). I have gone for .243 because that's what I've used to shoot my first few deer in the highlands.

    I am not keen to go for a new shiny gun spending a fortune, i expect to be out and about only a dozen times a year, but would be happy with something nice and old school. Got my eye on a couple of guns, one is a Parker Hale 1200 in good nick for 300, not screw cut and without scope. The other is a STeyr Manliccher Model L with a 4-10x45 Pecar scope, not screwcut for 500. My local gunshop also has a Manliccher (not sure which model) but looks in reasonable nick for 450.

    Am I looking in the right direction, or should I be sniffing around other guns?
    Thanks for your help.


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    Much as I like Parker Hales, if that Steyr Mannlicher is in good fettle, it's not a bad price with a nice Pecar scope, as you could shoot it immediately or you'd only need to spend another 250 on threading and moderator to be up and running in stealth mode. With the PH, you need to spend 60 on a set of bases and rings, 200+ on even a budget scope to match the Pecar, plus 250+ on threading and moderator, so it's still costing more than the Steyr.

    I would say though, that when buying secondhand rifles, .243 is one of the calibres I'd want to get checked with a borescope by someone I trusted to give me an honest appraisal, as they are often worked hard as foxing guns and throat wear can be an issue unless you know its history.

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    In about two minutes, half a dozen people are going to tell you to buy a Tikka T3, ignoring your original post. And then, they'll tell you that Steyrs are rubbish. This is utter nonsense, they're great rifles, at least, the wooden-stocked ones are. One thing I'd say is to make sure that you pick them up and check that they fit you. The fact that my Mannlicher fits perfectly and comes up to the shoulder pretty much like a shotgun was one of my main reasons for choosing it.

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    I have a styr in .243 , shoots fine and does the job !

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    I would tend to agree with Adamant regarding the Model L but one thing that may worry me about the rifle would be the magazine.
    The Luxus models had single stack steel magazines which were very durable but the lesser models had sythetic rotary magazines that can sometimes be a problem. Has the rifle had a lot of use?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    i have a steyr scout .243 58gr vmax one raged hole , 100gr pro hunter 1/2 at 100 yds zero some hate em i love em compact shooting iron this is my fox rifle as i'v got a 308 for deer .sadly got to sell it as i'v orded a 20cal and funds are gone tits.

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    Have a look at Howa, Great little rifle.


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    ask him to put the scope on the parker hale and then buy it for 500!
    Don't know much about the steyr, sure it is just fine but I have a soft spot for PH and the Mauser 98 action

    I have had 5 parker hale/midlands
    very well made, all shot better than I did, none of them cost me anything like 300

    unless you really want a moderator shoot it as is and I would save your pennies.
    shop around as well, chances are the Parker Hale has been sitting there for some time as the market is driven towards plastic fantastic tat that is shiney.
    I prefer function over form and metal over plastic personally!

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    Another satisfied steyr scout owner here. Am off to Wiltshire for a rare crack at the deer today so put my .243 down the range to check she hasn't moved. Well, she needed two clicks down but not much wrong with the group of three federal 70grain b/t's

    My friend has a wooden stocked Steyr classic in .308 and he loves it. They seem to be a bit marmite, but I love my scout and pro varmint.

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    I wish, but sadly they,re different vendors

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