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Thread: Ugly Welsh Roe Buck

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    Ugly Welsh Roe Buck

    Up at 4-45am Sunday morning and on my little bit of ground over the border by 5-30, it was a beautiful morning and i didnt care whether i saw any deer or not as it felt so good to be out.
    I stalked from the far end of the ground which borders land shot over by two other forum members (i think they've shot everything from that end) and made my way slowly along the woodland edge, there were cock pheasants arguing, sheep being stupid and buzzards in the sky and then i spotted a roe. Up with the binos but my heart sank a bit when i saw it was a doe, i watched for a minute then another roe appeared from behind a hedge and fed along side her and this one was a buck. They were 300 yds away and the wrong side of the hedge, i crawled 50yds closer which was where the cover ran out so i had to play the waiting game.
    ​ Eventually the buck jumped the hedge and started feeding towards me, i watched him through the scope and he was a scruffy bugger but he was my scruffy bugger, whilst waiting a beautiful white cock pheasant walked within 5yds of me and gave me a filthy look, then carried on, another two does appeared and passed the buck without a second glance.
    I estimated that the closest the buck would get to me was approximately 160yds which wasnt ideal but well within my capabilities, as he got to this point he stopped and lifted his head, he was slightly quartering towards me but i squeezed off the shot, he stumbled, kicked then ran 6 paces and dropped,
    i gralloched him which went very well considering he was only my 3rd solo effort, the shot was slightly high but had clipped the top of his heart.
    I was so pleased to get my first solo roe buck and hes welsh
    a big thank you to Bandit country for keeping him overnight so iu could get my chiller ready, i will be mounting the skull and butchering him at the weekend. He weighed 35lb which isnt bad for an ugly bugger and when i measured the shot on Google Earth it turned out to be 180 yds

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    looking at the slope on the coronets presumably an older buck going back........nice work, good solo effort, and plenty of meat for the freezer!
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    The Welsh are all ugly buggers, didn't you know.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Well done Jonty, that's a nice head I bet you're pleased with it.


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    308 i thought the coronets were sloping back due to feeding into the welsh winds,
    8x57 i couldnt possibly comment

    Roaring Stag he certainly is different

    Paul thanks mate im very pleased

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    Doesn't look so ugly in the third pic must be the company he's keeping.

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    Nice one Jonty.

    Nice looking buck. Good weight for up there too.

    Don't you go shooting them all

    It's not just the wind mate, we've seen them out in horizontal rain.


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    That's one of them borderer bucks hard as the hobs of hell. They're not as soft as your Her-ford bucks, that don't like going out in the wind and rain.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thats an interesting head!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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