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Thread: DSC2 Advise wanted please.

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    DSC2 Advise wanted please.

    Having had a turbulant 18 months including some serious health issuses i'm making some changes with the intention of moving into land management in one field or another to improve my health.

    Part of the bigger plan is to Attain my DSC2 which would help with some of the multi roll jobs i have been applying for. What i would like to know is would it be advantages to go on a larder course with one of the training centres to add an additional string to my bow or would my money be better spent on additioal stalks?

    Many thanks Kieran

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    I would say additional stalks with lots of gralloching. You need to know about safe and hygienic lardering techniques and food safety, but you absolutely must be able to stalk, cull and gralloch observed by your witness. Being watched while you gralloch can be off-putting so the more you get used to it the better; you will also pick up a lot of tips from stalks with more experienced stalkers. It helped me a lot. I passed last week.
    Good luck

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    This might appear to be a silly question but have you completed DSC1?
    That aside i did my basic food hygiene with my local council and learn a few things.

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    Hi Keiran

    I got my DSC2 last year and was delighted to get it under my belt.

    I had completed my DSC1 six years or so previous and although I had shot and processed a good number of deer I too felt that a refresh on current practises and procedures would help.

    Personally I choose to do this quickly and gain this gain this refresh before going out on my qualification stalks. I got on a deer park cull and shot a good number of deer but processed more in the larder. It was a real help.

    it certainly doesn't matter how you brush up on these skills but its a very important part of the DSC2 assessment.

    all the best


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    Sorry I omitted to put in my initial post that I had completed my DSC1
    Cheers Kieran

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    DSC 1 arrived in the post yesterday just need to get a frame for certificate and badge to be displayed in lol

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