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Thread: Minimum Calibre ???

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    Minimum Calibre ???

    I was surprised to read this in Pete Moore's Mauser review in October's Sporting Sports.

    "Personally I would go for one of the larger options as 308 seems unlikely to be considered boar legal over here".

    I hope he's not talking about the UK as I have just got a .308 with a view to using it on boar at a latter date.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    wild boar cal

    .270Win is the widely accepted minimum calibre for Boar, 8)

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    I thought the suggested minimum was .270?

    I got a 7mm 08 because of it.

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    A .308 is perfectly cable of accounting for Wild Boar.
    I use 180gn normally but I have used, and known of others also, to use 150gn bullets.
    I have also seen a 9.3 hit a Boar and it ran into the guy next in line who promptly despatched it with his .308

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    minimum cal boar

    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC
    A .308 is perfectly cable of accounting for Wild Boar.
    I use 180gn normally but I have used, and known of others also, to use 150gn bullets.
    I have also seen a 9.3 hit a Boar and it ran into the guy next in line who promptly despatched it with his .308
    Does the cry "My bird sir!" go up ?

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    As the guns were stood apx 100yds apart it was obvious the Boar belonged to the .308 owner but the 9.3 owner disputed it and said his killed it but the adrenalin/nerves kept it going
    It was an absolute monster too, the Boar I mean, not the 9.3 gun owner

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    On the eurohunt scene I believe the philosophy is that bigger is better for stopping large driven beasts.

    Here where the hunting philosophy with rifles is much more about precision shooting, the use of lesser firepower (.270 lesser ) is 'fine' because it would assume that shots will be placed lethally.

    I'm very sure that my .308 is enough for any beast here.

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    Indeed , the diffrence will be the shooting situation .
    - driven shooting
    - a well placed bullet from a high seat at reasonable light at about 50 meters
    - a crop protection shot , after a farmer has been seriously complaing for about 2 weeks and you HAVE to do something about .

    I wouldn't like to feed the moose that are killed every year in Scandinavia with the 6.5X55 . Would an average sized boar be harder to kill ? I don't think so . A 140 grain Nosler Partition out of a 6.5 will certainly kill the average ( 30/60 kg ) boar with a well placed shot . In France there is a ban for military calibers , the same law existed in Belgium , but this changed recently . Tousands of boar in these countries will be shot driven with browning Bar rifles in 270 and remington 7400 in 280 . Are these perfect ? I don't think so . The 270 with a good bullet will certainly kill larger boar with a well placed shot .
    In a 270 I would use 150/160 grain bullets like Nosler Partition , Sako Hammerhead , Norma PPC Vulkan , etc .... Certainly when the boar would be driven .

    When the shot frequently is less well placed . Like shooting driven boar or at a boar which is in mais or other crops every bit of advantage you can get is welcome . A bit of extra frontal ( bullet) area and bullet weight never do any harm . For driven shooting a 8mm or 9.3 mm will be excellent . The same can be used for " still " hunting .
    A 30-06 will make another great round . A good 180/200/220 grain bullet will penetrate the heaviest boar and kill them .
    The same for a 308 . What normal sized animal will survive a well placed 180 grain bullet from a 308 ?
    In any calibre , stay away from those soft bullets when the game would be larger . Use Partitions , Hammerhead , Super Hammerhead , Barnes X , Vulkan , Oryx , RWS EVO , TIG , TUG , DK , etc ....
    In Europe the Brenneke TIG and TUG have always been very popular . This has a reason .

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    minimum cal for boar

    Local knowledge/experience, worth it's weight in gold!

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    I have to correct myself a bit . The brenneke bullets have always been
    ( made ??? ) loaded by RWS . Both TIG and TUG are very popular here on the continent . Recently there came an end to the agreement between Brenneke and RWS . Brenneke still market ,under their own name , both TIG and TUG bullets . RWS now load similar bullets and call them ID Classic and UNI Classic . Both bullets are very effective on boar , but also on roe and red deer . The 30 calibre TUG will be a very clean bullet on most types of game .

    About calibres for deer and boar . If somebody starts from zero , why not buying a 30-06 . This is fine for all situations . A 30-06 with quick detachable mounts and two scopes is the perfect allround tool for most conditions . One scope zeroed with a 150 grain bullet for long shots on the hill and the other scope zeroed with a 200 grain bullet for woodland and moving game . You can always start with one scope and get the second when finances get a bit better .

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