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Thread: Hello from New Zealand

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    Hello from New Zealand


    Treeehorse sent me a link to this forum, which I have quite enjoyed flicking through, so I thought I would join up.

    I am based in New Zealand, where I am a farmer and an author. Hunting is something that I just cannot shake, so I am embracing it and getting as many experiences as I can whilst I'm young and not tied down with a family (I'm sure thats coming though!)

    I have done a lot of hunting in New Zealand, mainly in the south island. I hunt chamois, tahr, red deer, fallow deer and pigs mainly as well as doing a bit of commercial shooting and selling of rabbits and hares.

    I have been to England and hunted Roe, muntjac and foxes. I loved it! I also hunted in Austria for a Roe buck, which was a fantastic experience too. I lived in Australia for 3 years and in that time did a bit of hunting including Goats, Pigs, Roo's etc and recently went and hunted Banteng.

    I am coming back to Europe in 2014, and would be keen to share hunts, I have done a lot of swap hunting-it is the way I like to hunt. I have never paid for a hunt yet, nor do I want to-instead I am happy to swap experiences with people. I hunted with Treeehorse in England, then in New Zealand, I did the same with my Austrian friend and Australian friend.

    Cheers James.

    P.S. I tried to post photographs but I am not allowed until I have written 5 posts.

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    Now I have enough posts, I can add some of my photos.

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    nice pictures and great introduction , you will enjoy your time on here you have had some lovely animals those Tahr look stunning. you have an eye for a good picture
    where abouts are you planning in europe . will you be coming to the uk? . I loved my time in NZ and will definately be going back . atb wayne
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    Good to see a Kiwi on here

    I spent a little time in Ch-Ch working at a well known gun emporium...

    Loved South Island and very impressed with the little I saw of North Island (the gun auction for 3 days!!)

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    Welcome Roaringstag

    You've just ruined my day!

    Pictures to stir the heart indeed.

    Impossible for me to think of NZ without hunting with a rifle springing to mind before all else and mindful one of three key books to inspire me is Phillip Holden’s The Golden Years of Hunting in New Zealand, I can only beat myself soundly for never having made it out there.

    All the best


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    Is that a feral Bull? Australia? Looks heavy!!

    ​awesome pics
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    Great pics mate!!!

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    Hi Moses,

    That bull is a Banteng, and yes from Australia-one of two I took last August. They are very heavy! We carried the meat off of one of them for the Aboriginal people, and it was about the hardest work of my life! It was 40 degrees plus, and a back leg weighed well over 100kg.

    The Roe are in the UK and Austria, Muntjac and the stag in velvet are UK, the Ibex in Italy, Tahr, chams, red and fallow deer in NZ. I have few videos and some more photos I might post later on. Thank you for those who pm'd me, I will reply soon!

    And yes, 2014 I am coming back to the UK



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    Great pics James, welcome to the forum.

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