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Thread: Rifle Cleaning Elves ?

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    Rifle Cleaning Elves ?

    What does the gathered wisdom make of this.

    I go to the range regulary to keep my eye in and probably shoot less than 15 rounds a visit. When I get home I just dry patch out the rifle and clean the crown. The first patch is usually pretty soiled but after three or so patches they are coming out clean.

    Last week I was up at WMS in Wales (which, incidentially, is a fantastic place) and shot upwards of 150 rounds. As expected the crown was pretty messy - Mods tend to do that - but to my surprise the barrel was virtually spotless. I was expecting the first patch to be filthy but it came out virtually clean. All subsequent patches came out equally clean. The bore had no signs of copper and looked like new. I really can't get my mind around this. I find it hard to believe that this level of use has seemingly left a cleaner bore than a few rounds at my local range.

    I can only assume that Central Wales must have a fine population of Cleaning Elves.

    Any sugestions/observations on this ?

    Oh yes, the details are 140grn BT's in front of 47.7grn of Hodgdon H4350 at 2750fps. PacNor 18' Match Barrel


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    Any view from Mr Venables? 'Obviously' he is in the money making scam market and everything he says MUST be seen in that context rather than having anything to do with him seeing a fair number of rifles pass through their facility ( to be read with humour guys! ).

    Equally those that say never to clean a rifle are now fully vindicated ( equal humour please ).

    I suspect your very last sentence provides most of the answer. The internal finish on that bore will be ( likely ) rather different from that on many off the shelf factory barrels.

    Not certain on the powder fouling element to be honest, but if the finish is such that it offers little purchase for fouling to 'bite', then subsequent shots will not materially add to the burden. But that doesn't fully address what you observed.
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    Give it a squirt of Wipeout,.......... bet you get blue out the end!
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