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Thread: Sinclair Arbor Press or similar

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    Sinclair Arbor Press or similar

    As above, looking for an arbor press.



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    Ive got a scondhand one in very good condition 65 posted.

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    if doeg doesnt sort you out i have got both sinclair and km here and ready to ship my home number is 01263732740 oplus loads of dies
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    PM inbound to you Dorg.


    what wilson dies do you have for 7mm-08 and 22br?


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    i have the 22 br here and 7-08 arriving hopefully tomorow please give us a ring

    meant to add seater and neck die in both both wilson
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    Just about to go out stalking so will phone you tomorrow


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    ok im here later on tonight as im out tomoz
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    yes i can do the 708 and 22 br dies
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    will try to phone later. Away out again after a morning of meetings.



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    Here now if you want to ring
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