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Thread: Trigger pull gauge

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    Trigger pull gauge

    Not wanting to pay the prices asked for "proper" trigger pull gauges, I bought one of these...

    Checked against known accurate weights it was 10g low at 500g but spot on at 1kg 1.5kg and 2kg.
    A wire coat hanger supplied the necessary link to the trigger and job done.

    Other scales are available. I would suggest getting one with as low an upper limit as possible.
    You'll be looking at using the bottom end of the range and a wide range means more innacurate at the bottom.


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    I use one when I travel abroad

    BEST way to check what the hand luggage weighs before the airline politzi try to sting you for excess baggage...I cram the excess into the Barbour jackets very many pockets

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    I use these to weight the deer!

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