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Thread: Dog Sh#te!!

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    Dog Sh#te!!

    I was looking out of the bedroom window early this morning onto the beautiful country side, watching a woman take her 4 springers for a walk, nothing wrong with that.
    She was carrying a carrier bag, responsible owner thinks I!
    You guessed it, hangs the bag full of dog sh#te on the hedge and walks off!!
    Later on I will return her lost property as I know where she lives!

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    good lad put it on her door step. ..

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    can never understand that i see it stuck in hedges in the bags its lazy . i went to IOM a few months ago to do a course and i had my dog on the beach running around as i went to take the mess to the bins a lady walking a lab gathered the mess up in a bag and then put it on the wall the bin was about 5ft away from were she left it
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    litter bin in the park is covered in the bloody things
    ​for some reason they think it goes on top not in!!

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    What's the point in picking it up if you are going to hang it on a hedge ?
    ​waste of a bag !

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    I've had dog owners dump their bags, used ones, in the back of my pickup when I'm parked in town !!

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    I've challenged a couple people about this, and talked about it with friends who admit to having done it.

    They all say that they start out with the best intentions: they all *intend* to pick it up on the way back. The defence is that they don't want to have to carry it all the way around a walk. But then they either take another route home or forget about it (or, in the case of one unusually honest friend, admit that they just don't want to carry it any further, and reckon no one saw them).

    I have even several peoplen tell me that it's what you're *supposed* to do: the council have someone who goes around each evening to collect them, you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ems bach View Post
    good lad put it on her door step. ..
    Hope you did the old trick of the paper bag on fire and a ring on the door bell. Scarpering away and hoping she will be bare foot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ems bach View Post
    good lad put it on her door step. ..
    Better still, through the letterbox.
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    Was it a carrier bag or a biodegradable bag? Have to admit I've put the small biodegradable ones under rocks before where they break down without causing any harm...

    If it was a shopping bag you should suggest she wears it

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