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Thread: Sods law, does anyone else suffer this?

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    Sods law, does anyone else suffer this?

    Hi All,

    Mobile rings this afternoon, 'Is that Devon Deer?' yes says I, 'can you sort out some deer for me?' asks the farmer, of course i reply yes and ask what kind of deer, 'them big red ones with antlers, they are eating all my grass' at this point i inform him the last day is today, but not to worry i will survey the farm next week, if possible knock over a Roe Buck to keep him happy until August 1st.
    So there, sods law, but hopefully it will work out in the long run.
    But i do appreciate how lucky i have been.



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    Spoke to an land agent recently who looks after the interests of a family who bought a nearby farm to us recently as an investment. They do not reside here. I was asking what the plans were for the shoot there as I was keen to get a bit for the pheasants. He said that he wanted to meet with me. Upshot was that he said the family would like to contribute 300 birds in exchange for the chance to come perhaps come once or twice in the season for a wee go if I could organise that for them? They may however never get up. So my mate who owns the neighbouring farm says between him and I we will take that on and put the same number of birds down as well.

    Then the agent mentions they also have 1000 acres mixed woodland with roe and some Sika he wants me to look at....

    meeting with him again in 2 days to discuss further...

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    lots of Jam in Jamross huh?!

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    Could you PM me the winning numbers for Saturdays lottery please.

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    Wretched things normally appear when we have moved the ewes and lambs out and shut the fields up for silage. Not much fun to have 20 - 30+ eating and bedding down on precious mowing grass.

    I usually find that shooting one or two over two or three days moves them on coupled with a little help from the farm dogs.

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    Hey Paul, what's meant for you.....

    I think not being pushy, polite and getting them steaming drunk during the conversation normally helps secure the deal....

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    It's usually a case too of being the right person for the job You're still jammy though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    It's usually a case too of being the right person for the job You're still jammy though...
    By the way, my mate said he thoroughly enjoyed the course at the weekend Paul. Spoke very highly of the assessors. When he mentioned it was a Paul running it after that praise I naturally assumed you had a mate of the same name helping out????? lol

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    Happened again yesterday, farmer rings me up, 'i have got a shed load of red hinds in my rape can you come and shoot them?' no says me, out of season, 'thats what my regular stalker said' replies the farmer, up to that point i didnt know he had a resident stalker, so i referred him to the deer act etc and left them to it.

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    At least the fella's not loosing off with No.8 shot from his 12-bore...have seen enough casualty cases from inadequate/proscribed ammo and/or poaching both at home and when down country hunting with the Staghounds...good luck with your new permissions

    +1 for the winning Lotto numbers ta; no need for the EuroGazillion numbers...the regular Lotto is fine, say 20 million or so?

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