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Thread: How to look after your full mount

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    How to look after your full mount

    Hi what is the best way to look sfter a shoulder mount i have a roe buck head & shoulder mount. It is year old. On a regular basis i just with a soft brush, brush going with the flow of the fuir. Is there anything else that i can do to help it looking in brilliant condition. Cheers.

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    A sprinkling of talcum powder to keep the moths away.

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    Brushing it whilst having a hair dryer blow on it (on cold) can be helpful (deer and mammals, Not birds). Damp cotton wool bud around eyes. Best to avoid chemicals unless they are specifically for the job.
    But if in need of a good clean up then maybe best to contact your taxidermist. I have mounts (done by other taxidermists and I'm not excluding my own) come in that need a spruce up.
    I provide a care sheet for all my clients to take away with their new taxidermy. I think it is important to be aware of how to look after your treasured mounts.

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