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Thread: Partial Palmation in the Sika Stag

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    Partial Palmation in the Sika Stag

    About three years ago Fab2, a member of this site ,came up on one of his many visits in the second week of October for a trophy hunt. At first light I placed him above a 40 acre clearfell in the woodland while I went next door to gather samples for a parasite survey I was doing. When I was about to finish at 10am the sound of a shot in the distance made me hurry back to see what he had taken.
    We both looked down on the mature Sika Stag with its swollen neck in full rutting glory when on lifting the head up saw something unusual. The antlers were of the usual pattern of an 8 pointer except on the right side. Where the u-shaped cup, which is at right angles to the other points,is situated there was an extra very long point and all were joined together by a thick web giving an appearance of palmation. Fab got him set up and he is now in a cantina in Rome.
    Just last week Fab came back and went into a new highseat I built last summer on the intersection of two rides in the trees just behind the clearfell. As he settled in he was screamed at by a Sika that kept within the treeline never showing itsself. While the noise was at its height two Red Hinds with calves trotted out into the ride followed by a 3 yo Red Stag. They seemed to ignore the racket and the Stag gave Fab his shot for this trip.
    When recovering him I noticed a lot of fresh fraying, digging and poleprodding typical of a Sika Stag so went back last night with my 8yo son to see if we could spot the culprit. We moved through the wood past a small clearing before the highseat when I saw a Sika feeding in the open end-on to us. We crouched down and watched him for 20 mins. His head is amazing. At the level of the trey tines the antlers are massively thick looking like two fused together as you sometimes see on extreme parkland Reds. Both tops have wide points joined by a web just like the Stag of three years ago. What a beast!!! He is not 50meters from the spot Fab killed the one three years ago. Could this be genetic or just coincidence? An SD member is coming here in October to shoot his first Sika Stag. Heres hoping he is lucky so we can all see photos of the Stag.


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    Hi David,

    Is he coming before or after me?


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    Hi David,

    I will never hear the end of it if he get's it.

    Look forward to the photo's and seeing it hanging on his wall or within the cabin for our trip in Jan.

    Warm regards


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