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Thread: anyone know of sako finnlight ??????

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    anyone know of sako finnlight ??????

    Hi all

    im just about to decide on new first rifle and i have been using a tikka t3 lite which is my mates as i am awaiting license and ive also been looking at the SAKO 85 FINNLIGHT vs tikka t3 lite for myself

    ​by the way it would be a 22.2250

    is anyone using SAKO 85 FINNLIGHT and any advice would be appreciated

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    It was pointed out to me that the Sako 85 synthetic stock with SS barrel is lighter, cheaper and comes threaded compared to the Finnlight.

    So I bought one of those instead.

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    Hi Dax

    I had a 75 finnnlight in .243 It was a lovely little rifle, very light and compact. Had a few issues finding a mod that didn't screw up the balance too much but eventually found that the A-TEC CMM4 did a good job. The only down side was that the 75's had that horrid bolt lock thing which I beleive is not longer part of the 85.

    It wasn't too fussy about ammo either.

    Sold it on a whim to buy something that I thought would be better and I've regreted parting with it ever since.

    Hope that helps


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    Im using one at the minute in .243 with a ATEC MAXIM haven't had any problems with it,Fantastic rifle in my eyes.However The T3 lite is a cracking rifle also and a fair bit cheaper,Dont think you will go wrong either way.

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    I had an 85 Finnlight in 22-250, it was OK but the barrel heated up quickly and this moved the POI, I am not a fan of skinny, especially fluted barrels for this reason.

    If you are going to carry your rifle around a lot and only take single shots then I am sure it will be fine, otherwise I would look at a rifle with a slightly heavier barrel.

    I also prefer a longer barrel on a 22-250.

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    I've got one in .243 as well and love it a very nicely made rifle that is very accurate. I do use it for most foxing as well as deer and no problems there but as mentioned a fair bit depends what you are going to use it for. If mine was purely foxing I would have a longer barrel and be less worried about weight but for stalking as well it is spot on

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