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Thread: Nobody surprised then?

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    Nobody surprised then?

    So, in the news yesterday, it was announced that up to 10,000 people, who have carried out violent attacks have NOT been arrested; instead, they have simply been made to apologise to their victims! It was stated that this is contrary to police guidelines!

    As FAC holders, we all know this happens in relation to firearms, but it seems little or no fuss has been made about this happening in other areas of policing!

    Are the police free to pick and choose which guidelines they follow for anything and everything?

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    Great old Blighty! That is why all the illegal immigrants are wanting to come. You do not find doctors, solicitors or scientists hiding out in lorries and such, only the criminals for the easy pickings and the way they are treat in prison is better than their lifestyle in there homelands. My wife was a prison officer for 15 years and I do not think people know how easy they have it, they are now on about stopping the sky sports and over18s films, seems like they will be having it bad! All the human rights do gooders will be trying to get it all back for them.

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