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Thread: .308 Win Remington Brass

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    .308 Win Remington Brass

    Approx 100 combination of virgin or once fired Remington brand .308 Winchester cases. I live in Plymouth and commute to Herefordshire weekly so can meet and drop off en route as long as its not a drama!


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    Yes please Deano, if I'm not too late?

    A very kind offer! I'm in Taunton - somerset, and would happily meet you on your route if that helps?


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    All yours pal. I'm in Plymouth now but will be passing Taunton northbound around 1000 next Tuesday if that's any good? Alternatively ill be passing southbound around 1000 on the Wednesday. Ill pm you
    ​my mobile.


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    Thanks, very kind of you. Is that 10:00 am on both days? It may be an issue with my work if am, but the wife is due to drop a baby at any time, so the ensuing paternaty leave might help!

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    Yeah 10am was the plan. I'm pretty flexible though. Is lunchtime better? I can aim off to be there during your lunch if that'd work?


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    Yep that could work!

    I'll give you a call on Monday evening then if that's ok?

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    Yep. Too easy.


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    Met Deano very briefly and he dropped off the brass - Thanks again, it's much appreciated!

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