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Thread: 30-06 vs 7mm Rem mag

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    30-06 vs 7mm Rem mag

    Hello all, I am contemplating a new rifle for reds in Scotland and have a good puchase option on a 30-06 or 7mm. Both will do the job fine but i have been told by some more wise than me that the 7mm is over kill and can make a mess.

    Thought i would throw it out there for some constuctive comments.


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    I have both calibers but either can make a mess depending on what type of ammo you're planning on using, shot placement and range.

    I have my my .30-06 set up as more of a general purpose and close range rifle for overseas whereas my 7mm rem mag is solely a longer range rifle. I keep the 7mm loaded with ammo above 150 grains and no ballistic tips to avoid blowups but that's just my own preference.

    ​regards Snag.

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    I have shot hundreds of deer with both calibres.
    Bullet design and shot placement determine carcase damage.

    If you are a re-loader the .30 calibre is your better option due to easier sourcing of bullet heads/tips/missiles, [call them what you will].
    Currently I am loading .30-06 cartridges for a friend with Hornady 150gr. BTSP. Ref.No.3033 .
    He is shooting Deer and Foxes with this loading and has no problem with his game-dealer.


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    I've killed a good number of deer using a 7mm REM MAG . The first one I had was a Kimber 89BGR Super American and i shot the Nosler 150 Partition in it with a good amount of H4831. Of the two Mule deer and several whitetails I killed using that combo I never had any great destruction .
    Later I got a Remington 700 Stainless Fluted Sendero and shot the Nosler 150 Ballistic Tip with IMR4831 and I killed 20 or so deer with that combo and again without a great amount of destruction .
    My latest 7mm REM MAG is a Ruger #1B which I shoot the Hornady 154 SST and RL-22 that I've killed a couple whitetails with and that one also showed no great amount of damage .

    I've killed maybe 4 deer with my old circa 1964 Remington 700BDL 30-06 using the Sierra 150 grain and that one also showed no great meat destruction !

    Personally I would go with the 7mm REM MAG . But thats nothing against the 06 !

    I just never have been an 06 fan . And as far as my reason for being a non fan , I have none I just never was that intrested in the round . Certainly if I found a nice old whatever in 06 and I really liked the rifle I wouldn't let my lack of intrest in the 06 cartridge keep me from getting the rifle .

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    Not had a Rem mag a friend has one and he loves it. My favorite is the 30-06 because there's more bullet choice you can go over 200grns for pigs and down size for foxes and alike i use a 165grn and it performs brilliantly on everything you want to shoot with it and whatever range you want to use it it knocks forestry Reds down like shelling peas.
    took it to Africa on plains game and it performed just the same on everything from Duiker to Blue Wilderbeast


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    7mm RM better option IMHO

    better bullet availability / selection

    30-06 is very good in its own right, but surpassed easily by better ballistics of Rem Mag

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    Both are good choices, I have the 7mm mag and love it for pretty much everything, but draw the line at shooting squirrels with it.LOL
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    What a great selection of balanced replies. Thank you to all who took the time. I dont homeload and unlikely to so i think the summary is what ever rifle i prefer on the day/whichever is in better condition.

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    Go for it whatever you choose you'll have fun with it

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    I started out over thirty years ago with my 7mm RM and carry it to this day,that says something! Btw there are four other deer rifles/calibres in my safe...I choose the 7mm 99% of the time.
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