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Thread: winchester cooey 84, .410

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    Wink winchester cooey 84, .410

    Just a query if anyone has any information that would be grand! With a cooey 84 would it be possible to change the .410 barrel for a 12 bore barrel without changing the action?
    Cheers, mike!

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    I think it might be possible. I don't remember seeing different sized receivers on these guns. Don't hold me to it though... I could be confusing it with another obsolete single shot.

    Why the interest?~Muir
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    Why not just buy a 12 bore Cooey? The market value of a S/H one in good condition appears to be around 20 - 30. atb Tim

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    Thank you Muir! A friend has a rough .410 and wants to clean it up and gave a spare 12 bore barrel so he can go between bolting rabbits and crows ect funny you should saby that timbrayford, just had a look at cluneys and the have a 12 bore cooey in stock p.o.a
    Cheers, mike

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    There are a lot of Cooey's up here, they were all built on the same frame except for some very early models. I've seen a few that were sleeved out to 30-30 win, but that was a long time ago. Strength-wise it should be alright, its more a matter of how much effort you're willing to put into it if it doesn't fit easily.


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