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Thread: A Fantasic South African Hunting Holiday

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    A Fantasic South African Hunting Holiday

    We arrived at Johburg airport and then proceeded through customs to meeting up with Conway the PH we were to stay with and then off to the firearms office to complete my rifle permit, which took less then 30 mins to complete and issue.
    We then spent the next 3 hours travelling up country to the lodge which is situated 30 km away from there nearest town Vaalwater in the middle of the Waterburg region of Limpopo.
    The holiday was to comprise of family excursions and hunting that was the deal with the better half!!.
    On arrival quick drink leaving the girls to unpack allowing me and Seb to check the rifle. This was followed by that fab evening meal planning with Conway and Becky what options were available for our time with them at Nkonka, This was to include horse backed rides for my wife and daughter and visits’ to White lion, cheetah sanctuary’s and a game reserve, visits and walks of interest seeing rock art etc.
    There was far more to do than we had time for.
    Last time I was hunting in SA I spent 3 days after Bushbuck without getting close so this was my main target.
    Conway had several concessions in other areas apart from his families where we could hunt varying the ground we would cover; this made it all the more interesting.
    All the concessions we visited were enormous and the emphasis which was one of the deciding factors after talking to other people who have hunted with Conway is ethical fair chase hunting all on foot.
    Below are photos of a fantastic holiday and it as to be put down to the skill of the tracking by Sylvester and Conway.
    We covered miles and we all worked very hard for the results which makes all the more rewarding, you also see so much more and we learnt so much from them both about the environment we were in and the behaviour of the animals around us not just the ones we were hunting a truly fantastic experience.

    Finally my first Bushbuck with sylvester which took yes another 3 days following tracks.


    Red Hartebees bull which we crawlled 200 mtrs on hands and knees to a tree which cut me to shreeds. due to it being there winter and everything being dry and hard.
    Once there we had to wait 45 mins for him to present himself.

    A nice Warthog we came across which would not stand still, but he did in the end!

    Bushpig which we very lucky to get.

    Seb with his first Impala

    That evening Seb was blooded.

    Seb waiting for the chance of a shot at a blue wildebees cow.

    Seb with his Blue Wildebees Cow

    A photo of the area we were hunting to gib#ve somw #e idea of how beautiful the waterburg region of Limpopo is.

    Now I know please no PMs, Seb is young but im trying to show him the right ethics and right way to hunt.

    I hope you all enjoy, our stay at Nkonka with Conway and Becky was truly fantastic, this is my second hunting visit to SA and nearly did not bother again after my first visit thats how good they are.

    Hope you dont mind Jayb and Sikamalc but if guys are looking for a first trip and not sure because you hear of horror storys.

    there web site is

    And its Conway and Becky Volek



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    Sorry the photo of the bushbuck did not come out on the original post


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    Well done Phil, looks as if you had a fantastic time, I bet Seb will not forget that trip in a hurry. I don't think he is too young and he will grow up knowing just how it should be done.

    Did you frighten much of the wildlife in those shorts??


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    great well done to you both,jayb if you think phils legs are bad you are in for one hell of a surpise when you see festers

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    Well done! Those are several life-times worth of memories in those photographs.~Muir

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    Nice write up, an very nice pics
    Great to see the young lad involved 8)

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    Well Phill it looks like you all had a great time, nice trophies and well done to young Seb, and thanks for the phone call and catch up the other week. I will give it some thought about taking a hunt with the same guy with regards to Leopard.

    I have to agree with JAYB about those shorts, the last time I saw shorts like those they were being worn by Lofty on It aint half hot mum

    Dont go wearing those in Scotland the ticks will have a field day!!!

    Speak soon



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    Nice going Phill
    luv those few pics of Seb getting in on the action
    looks like a trully tremendous trip with shed loads of memories
    made me quite jealous

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    Brilliant write up & pictures Phil, great to see a youngster like Seb getting good first hand experience & advice on the right way to go about things.

    What make of rifle, calibre & ammunition did you use there?

    And the burning question is............did Mrs Phil enjoy herself?


    PS: I thought the shorts were ok, got some like that myself!

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    Hi Chris
    Michelle and my daughter Charlotte had a really fantasitc time, they came had things to do with Becky when me and seb was hunting, riding through the bush and relaxing reading a good book or two they were never bored, but then Im very looky that way.
    The holiday was not just hunting we visited a number of wild life reserves and sites or historical interest, nature walks, and visited rock art sites,
    But the idea was to be a relaxing holiday and not to do to much, last time we where in SA we travelled to much and were totally knackered when we good home.
    Rifle Sako 30-06, Federal partition 180gr HE.

    Sorry about the shorts gents, I don’t know why I worn them, I suppose because Conway did, crawling into get the Red Hartebees my legs and arms were cut to threads so are shorts a good idea!.


    Smithy (Phil)

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