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Thread: Schmidt & Bender or Swarovski

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    Schmidt & Bender or Swarovski

    Schmidt & Bender or Swarovski

    Looking to by new scope, is there anything between these two brands or is it just personal preference.

    All help or advice appreciated


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    S&B only have 2 year warranty. I won't get another.

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    get a zeiss!

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    Not much in it as far as the optics go. Swarovskis aftercare is second to none and a lot longer guarantee than the s&b but then the s&b is a good bit cheaper. There's pros and cons of both but I don't think u would b disappointed by either

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    Quote Originally Posted by reelme View Post
    get a zeiss!
    Thanks but i have got one!

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    which one?
    i had a duralyte but it seemed poor compared to my diavari and my conquest! both these are better than my swaro pv's and i'd even say my meopta is better than swaro! only looked thro a couple of s+b's but didn't like em.
    but what my eyes are comfortable with others may not!
    i'd suggest trying a few other makes other than just the two you have listed ,for example meopta bushnell doctor etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    S&B only have 2 year warranty. I won't get another. edi
    ​this is only for the pm11 line of scopes.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    I use the S&B zenith on all my rifles and I cannot fault them, they do exactly what they say on the tin - good quality scope, robust, brilliant glass and twilight factor, adjustable illumination, mine do get a bit of a pounding, but they are faultless.

    I have paid the higher price for Swarovski, no need, save your money, for Schmidt are true value for money and a no frills quality package you can get a zenith for 1350 if you look around, not cheap but quality, you wouldn't be looking to replace one, once you've got it.

    Swaro seem to be riding a price hike for cosmetic looks at the moment, undermining the quality of the product, for the "in scope to have", I changed to Schmidt from Swarovski a while ago and won't be going back.


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    I have Swarovski on 2 of mine love them but a has been pointed out s&b are good so try a couple and see what you think. imo the best of the lot is the 8x50 fixed power swaro but that's just my opinion you must make up your own mind on what you like.

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    I have 2 S&B zeniths and as others have said quality scopes. I saw a comment about 2 year warranties but that's not what my paperwork says. In fact within the warranty you can return the scopes to S&B after 10 years use for a free service and nitrogen refill !

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