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Thread: yearlings in velvet

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    yearlings in velvet

    i have a question how many yearlings in velvet do folks shoot? i came across 3 in same field all same age (yearling) and stature i shot 1 one evening then shot another again a few days later now ive seen the other 2/3 times at same spot with a doe im presumeing this is the mother shes looseing her winter coat at the moment, should i be knocking this little buck over while ive got the chance ? will the doe chase him away from the area when shes due to give birth? or should i leave this little buck until hes put on some more meat and no velvet on his antlers say august time and shoot him then? , reason im asking this question is that i dont normally start shooting the bucks till the rut and everything is game then however ive started early this year and im wondering if its acceptable to knock over these yearlings in april/mayr? rember as well im trying to sustain a healthy population not cull everything , would another buck move into the area soon enough when the rut starts?

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    you seem to be fortunate that you have the choice of either pulling the trigger or not,some leases don't offer that freedom.
    You are right in that the doe come May will chase out the youngsters and the population will get dispersed,this is not a bad thing.
    I would imagine that the condition of the youngsters at this time of year will be poor considering the winter we have just had,so it is your call on wether or not you decide to pull the trigger,there is nothing worse than having a good stalk only to find the end result to be a poor carcass and then wishing that you had left it..
    The doe will actively seek out a buck come the rut so do not think that by thinning out the buck population you will find yourself without bucks come the rut.

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    The simple answer is yes you should be thinning out last years young. In fact from a population management point of view (roe) most deer stalkers will take up to 60% within the young age bracket if the population is healthy. This winter has been hard for them though so the situation always dictates.

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    Tackleberry is correct around 60% of your cull should be youngsters, the difficult thing is which ones to leave as a rough guide and it is only a rough guide not fool proof, if a youngster has produced antlers ( first head) as long as his ears or longer I would leave him as he is showing some potential, worst case scenario you can take him out next year.

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    The yearling will be chased out soon but you have to remember that your yearlings might get chased away by their mother off your immediate ground but the yearlings on the surrounding ground will be chased off theirs onto yours!

    they don't just disappear

    I shot one last weekend which was in very good condition despite an long and hard winter
    perfect cull animal - not a breeder of either sex

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    two yearling bucks appeared on my shoot this morning 'out of nowhere', so they are getting pushed around now.

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