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Thread: what do you recommend?

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    what do you recommend?

    Hi everyone,

    I am getting my 1st .270 and was wondering if anyone one could give me advice on what factory ammunition i should try out. I need it to do everything from muntjac to reds, as well as plains game in Africa.

    ​Cheers, Tom
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    Hi Tom
    Try some Privi. if it Shoots well then you have won the pools as its Cheap as Chips. Failing that i have always found Sako good in other Chamberings.


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    If you are struggling with some recommendations, find anything by Jack O'Connor, He used the .270 All over on most game. As to any rifle's preferences for ammunition, you are in the same position as anyone else with a fresh rifle, ....... Shoot it, evaluate it.
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    I just got my first deer rifle. Browning A-Bolt .270win and hit the range today with a box of Norma 150grain soft points which cost me 30 and a friend let me shoot some of his Winchester Super-X 150 grain at 18 a box and to be honest the Winchesters shot a slightly better group. Trial and error is the way forward.


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    Mine liked Federal 150gr (Nosler Partitions) and there is not much on this planet that the 150gr NP would not handle...

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    I like the Hornady 130 SST for reloading so I would suggest Hornady factory loads with that bullet !

    O'Conner was an advocate of the 130 grain bullet having killed Elk , Moose and Grizz with the lighter bullet .

    I might add I've owned and used three different 27 caliber cartridges .
    270 WSM
    270 WIN
    270 Weatherby

    And I've used 130 grainers in all three with good results both on paper and living things .

    I will also say this , a good many folks around here use the 270 WIN with factory ammo . And of those folks the vast majority use plain old Remington 130 grain CoreLokt ammo . One friends 23 year old son has killed a small mountain of deer with his old Ruger 77R tang safety 270 shooting the plain Jane Remington 130 CoreLokt factory load .
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    I found that the federal Fusion seems to shoot quite well in a number of 270's. it also performed well in the limited testing on deer I was able to do. I have the 150 grain as that is what the local shop had in stock.

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    +1 on the Remington CoreLokt 130 grn

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    Cheers, I will have a play around with the rounds mentioned.


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