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Thread: Frost bitten Roe leg

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    Frost bitten Roe leg

    Hi, The g'friend was cleaning out the old freezer yesterday and found a leg at the bottom that I had forgotten was there It has been in there at least a year and is slightly frost bitten in places, question is: safe to eat?

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    Yes, as long as well cooked.
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    Ha ha reminds me of a mate that on being asked by another mate " mate have you got any spare venison" ah yes i have he he gave him a leg of feral goat that seemingly Captain Scott had in the Antarctic it was that burnt and told him "here mate here is a leg of a Hog deer" By all reports it was eaten and enjoyed.
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    Should be safe to eat, best thing to is trip the burnt bits as they well very spongy and tough.

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    Dice it
    marinade it, garlic , onions , bit of oil , some paprika , squirt o BBQ sauce and a dash o sloe gin or red wine
    bung in slow cooker for bout 7 hours


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    Cheers guys, am back on shift tomorrow so will leave the minister of war and finance instructions to get it sorted, really liking the Sloe Gin marinade advice

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    I'm ok wi marinades & slow cooking .... It's the roasts / roasting that I'm away to try more of... Till now it's been like voodoo to me!!

    honestly ... Slow gin yeah ... But the squirt o BBQ sauce that does it for me.. Yum !

    Just did batch o burgers where just added pork belly and some red currant jelly out of a jar

    just look in your cupboard see what stands out at you and chuck some in

    ps let us know what you do with it be how it turns out


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    frozen meat is safe to eat if prepared properly in the first place.
    but quality and flavour may suffer after 6 to 12 months storage
    ​especial;y if poorly wrapped

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    Thanks again guys, have shown the home help the posts and she will be doing something with it along the lines of your suggestions.

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