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Thread: G'day guys 'n gals from a Kiwi living in Wales.

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    G'day guys 'n gals from a Kiwi living in Wales.

    Hi all, I've been an air rifle and shotgun shooter for some time but am now venturing into the wonderful world of deer stalking. I appreciate that you can't just shoulder a rifle and pack and head off into the forest over here... so I'm attempting a gradual broadening of my experience. Hope to gain some knowledge from you experienced folk.

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    welcome mate where abouts in wales are you

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    Be very careful of Gadget - a couple of meetings and he'll trick you into sharing a bed with him under entirely false pretences

    (I'll post the full horrifying details of our most recent stalking trip later, so the full gory details will become clear )


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    its only taken two weeks and 9 pages later it was only two days stalking one night on the rabbits and two nice girls and one very old man and it still not on the site but by the sounds of it i do not want it to


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    ...and you haven't even mentioned the BNP bus driver and the angry South African poacher. That why it's taking me so long to write up - every time I get to another little incident I start laughing again and I can't type...

    By the way Scarpa, welcome to the SD - you'll like it here.

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    Hi Scarpa (So do we call you Kiwi or All Black!)

    Also live in Wales...Cardigan. Recently started Stalking and just got my FAC through. Just bagged my 1st Roebuck. The guys on this forum are really helpful but I would agree with Adamant's comments about Gadget ! You should have seen him handling a lump of red meat down my shed the other night. Even made my daughter blush !

    Just teasing Gadget...javascript:emoticon('')

    Serious....He's a real star and has helped me an awful lot.

    So good luck and happy stalking !

    ps...I take it you're a rugby fan ! Let me take a guess ? All Black supporter by any chance ?

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    Cheers all. I've actually been over here (up in N. Wales near Wrexham) since I was a kid, over 30 yrs now so the Kiwi accent has vanished.

    I was out there the other year to check out a job offer, would have liked to have got some shooting in but there was no time. But in a way the trip kicked off my interest in stalking so I'm looking to get a little experience over the next year or two using estate rifles and get a DSC1 before putting in for the ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockingod
    Hi Scarpa (So do we call you Kiwi or All Black!)

    ps...I take it you're a rugby fan ! Let me take a guess ? All Black supporter by any chance ?
    Actually it's my brother who is the rugby fan (he used to play a bit). I'm into climbing, skiing and motorbikes.... not to mention filling my freezer with tasty meat.

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    OK.. it's been rather a scary weekend but I now have alarm mines around the gaff and have dug two big gadget traps covered over with old copies of Shooting Times. Am I safe to sleep yet?

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