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Thread: What do you think of Hawke Optics?

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    What do you think of Hawke Optics?

    Hawke Endurance Ir 3-12x50 and Hawke Frontier ED 10x43?

    Cheap crap or OK quality for the money?

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    Bought a hawke endurance for the air rifle 3-9x42 while zeroing, the top turret stopped clicking and started spinning freely. Straight back to shop, got another which worked but could not get both target and reticule in focus at same time, no matter what.

    ​Personally not too impressed.

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    I had a small IR Hawke scope on my 6.5x55 Blaser for a while. It worked well for the money and had no problems with needing to re-zero etc. I changed it for a S&B eventually, but for the money i couldn't grumble. I also have some Hawke Binos that i use all the time and they have been good.

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    got one on my 17 to put the nv at the back of , great for the n vision and also regular day time shooting , i cant complain.

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    I had the IR Endurance 3-12x50 which I acquired on a s/h c/f rifle. I removed it virtually immediately to put a Swaro ontop but did some comparisons with my other scopes and would say its not too bad - build quality seemed pretty reasonable and the optics not too bad IMO - I would say probably comparable to an MTC which I rate as fairly good for the price for a relatively budget scope.

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    I've used them on the rimfires for years, do the job, never had a problem with them, Some of their reticles are very good indeed.

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    wouldnt buy one new

    I have a Nite eye but havent used it yet and only got it as it was 30
    I wouldn't run one on a CF and wouldn't complain if it failed! they are cheap but do the job for air/rimfire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renico View Post
    Hawke Endurance Ir 3-12x50 and Hawke Frontier ED 10x43?

    Cheap crap or OK quality for the money?
    Ok quality for the money, I use hawke scopes on air rifle and rimfires, there's just no point for me to spend more money

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    yup as said above if you wish cheap its ok but buy cheap buy twice

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    I use the Frontier ED binos in 8 by 43 and they are good for the money. Where they struggle is last light when they begin to get milky. Still pretty good, though. Very crisp for woodland work.

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