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    Yes got one on my t3 varmint, a good sling. The plastic quick release clips might seam a bit of a weak point but have had no probs with mine.

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    I've got something similar made by Harkila - it looks like an fairly wide ordinary sling but has a zip down the middle to split it in two, turning it into a rucksack sling.

    Excellent for the rare occasions I actually walk anywhere with my 100lb (only a slight exaggeration - it's got a barrel like a piece of field artillery) tactical foxing rifle, instead of driving to within 150yd and pointing it out of the truck window I might bung it on my stalking rifle for my first Scottish outing on the hill.


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    have had one for about 3 years it's very good a mate bought a sling from macleods of tain think it was called a z aim which he seems quite pleased with also a rucksac style sling

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    adam what have i told you about shooting out of the truck BDS stalking rules only and you will not have the truck to shoot out of where i am taking you next week ,how am i going to get you through your dsc 2 if you won't walk and stalk

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    I think if you're walking on the hill they are a must, I've got them on all my rifles,shotgun and Brady slips.
    Before using these I had constant trouble with sore neck/shoulder, my physio would ban single straps.
    Excellent piece of kit.

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    Had a Z-aim sling.It offers better adjustment and stabillity but it was v poor quality and fell apart. Admittedly It was well used but a lot of money for only 12months use.
    I've had niggloh for over a year now and it is very good and should last a good few years yet.
    Get one.


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    Ive used you for the last two seasons i find it a great bit of kit especially if you have a long crawl/stalk and also when your dragging an animal you dont even notice the rifle on your back. Definately recomend them.


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    Brilliant bit of kit. Would not have anything else. Like wicklow202, when dragging you never have the problem of you rifle slipping off your shoulder or getting in the way. They also have a quick release catch, which with practice is great.
    Got mine from http://www.fishermanstacklecompany.c...d=2234212_7231 it might not be on their website, which looks fishing based, but has some great shooting products. I gave them a call and they sorted one out for me.

    Regards, yabanjin.

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