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Thread: Park and Deer Keeper

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    Park and Deer Keeper

    Advertised in Shooting Times , Knole Park, Sevenoaks.

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    Is it the national trust property ,seem to remember them advertising a couple of yrs back .trust own the property the family still own the park .bloke must have got bored !

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Is it the national trust property ,seem to remember them advertising a couple of yrs back .trust own the property the family still own the park .bloke must have got bored !
    No he has moved onto another estate, with I assume better prospects.
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    Met the chap on a local BDS visit last year to the park, had an enjoyable afternoon, looked like he had made some much needed major improvements with the deer and the park, shame it was a short termed Placement always nice to see the fruits of your labour, particularly with something like deer which is long term prospects

    But onwards and upwards as they say, good luck to him in his new position.



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    Can some one post details as I don't buy the ST
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    As an honoury Wildlife & Conservation Officer for an adjoining estate I had the pleasure of meeting Tom last year and after a brief chat re an idea I’ve had for some time he agreed to look into the possibility of shared use of the Knole larder. He was also going to facilitate some valuable DSC2 carcass prep practice (what beter than unzipping half a dozen beasts or more in session?) as you can never have too much of it. That I’ve not heard back is now explained.

    He will be a hard act to follow as I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of deer and in particular that relating to herd nutritional requirements.

    Hopefully his replacement will be similarly keen to engage with local stalkers albeit I never underestimated the challenges that working for the NT and a London firm of Surveyors must have posed!



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    Quote Originally Posted by fox slayer View Post
    The natiional trust and strutt and parker challenging. Wait till he starts at Cornbury Park Oxfordshire for Lord Rotherwick now that will be Challenging he won,t be buying fallow buck from Houghton Estate this time. good luck Tom

    Too late we have already put some in here

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    Has anyone got an interview for this position? Has anyone had an interview for a similar position with the National Trust before, I'm just wondering what sort of interview it may be and the kind of stuff that gets asked? Cheers, Woollyback

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    “Dear Mr. Wollyback

    What is your experience of engaging with Members of the Public and how would you describe your general approach to this particular challenge?

    Are you a team player and what qualities of leadership do you find most challenging?

    What are your weaknesses and which aspect of this position is least attractive to you?”

    Always best to consider the cuved balls similar to the above as I’m sure if you get to the interview you will already have demonstrated, by qualification and/or reference, a certain understanding of wildlife & estate management to their satisfaction or otherwise. In short they will be looking to assess the person in the round.

    Oh, and never underestimate the power of contagious enthusiasm for the position. They need to feel you actually want the job and believe in you.

    Best of luck.



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