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Thread: Weatherproof clothing

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    Weatherproof clothing

    Hello all... Can I have some advice please on suitable stalking clothing. I put this question on the end of my introduction but later realised it should probably go here?.
    I'm looking at makes such as "Deerhunter" or "Jahti" and am looking to spend about 200 but don't want to waste money on the wrong purchase (don't mind spending,hate wasting).
    Thank you.


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    Have heard some bad reports about Seeland, leaking.
    Paramo have started doing their stuff in forrest green. Very light weight, quiet, breathable and 100% waterproof. Not cheap though.

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    I am also still looking for my ideal jacket and trousers. Some time ago I bought Jack Pyke's Hunter jacket and trousers in English Oak camo. They were advertised as "silent" but I was very disappointed. Anyone can recommend any SILENT, waterproof jacket and trousers not costing a fortune?


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    This is a problem lots of us seem to struggle with . A few months ago I had the possibility to try ( on a game fair ) both the Jahti Jakt jacket as the Harkila pro hunter .

    I think there is a huge diffrence how you want to use the jacket. As an occasional stalker a few weeks a year or 1 or 2 days every few weeks , or as a professional who needs them every day of the season. This professional might need them to go out day after day in the worst weather and still likes to come home dry the next day .
    My comparison is only from trying the jacket on the fair for a few minutes .

    The pro hunter seems to have a very strong outer fabric and is very well made . If you are out every day of the season , maybe one of the best , but not as silent as the jahti jakt .

    The jahti jakt jacket impressed me a lot . VERY SILENT due to it's soft fabric . Very light in weight . It " looks " heavier than it is when you wear it . Very comfortable to wear . Enough pockets , etc ... In short , you get suspicious that you get that much for your money . That's the reason that made me hesitate to buy it .
    I asked about the jahti jakt in this forum a while ago and comments about quality and waterproofness where OK . Even a professional ( I think ) like Bambislayer had experience with it and seems to like it .
    The fabric might be a bit less hardwearing than some others , for this money you get a lot of jacket and trousers .

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    I guess it also depends upon what type of stalking you're going to be doing, ie hill or woodland.

    If I'm after reds, I've a pair of seeland trousers - not absolutely silent but then they don't need to be, but warm, windproof, and keep the rain out. Not sure how well they'd take a long crawl, but fortunately I've not had to try that out thus far. Top-half: a craghoppers (or similar) microfleece and the outer of my Cabela's dry-suede 4-in-1. The stalker who took me out was wearing Jahti Jakt jacket and trousers, for what that's worth...

    I was out stalking roe last Friday night and wore my jahti jakt trousers (which are silent!). It was absolutely rodding it down, and the trousers kept all the weather at bay (I wear the jacket when I'm game shooting, and the fleece is great). Downside is that the jahti jakt colour is very dark green - some people may think it a bit TOO dark.

    I rate the Jahti Jakt stuff - I got the bundle with jacket, trousers, fleece, mid-layers, hat, kitchen sink, etc BUT some friends have had jackets from J-J that were as watertight as a string vest .

    I've a mate who wears nomad jackets - look good, but quite pricey.

    For what I paid, I'm happy with my J-J stuff and if you're looking at kitting yourself out top-to-toe for 200 notes, you may struggle to find similar VFM.

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    I have no experience at all on the hill , but as the distance of the shot is frequently a lot longer than in woodland , you probably come away with a little bit more noise . Just because you are further away from the beast .

    Anybody experience with the " whitewater microfleece jacket " wich is marketed by Garlands ? I am not much of a camo man , but the jacket looks nice .

    What about the Deerhunter Ram jacket / trousers ? Both green and camo . The outer fabric seems diffrent .

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    Thanks for all the info guys, I've learned how to use the search facility now (doh!) so I've caught up with all the back info.
    Martin..I've got some Paramo kit for hill walking and it is very good but just had a look at their site and yes it's way too dear.
    I had my doubts about Jahti Jaht as it seemed to be too good a price to be all that good but they seem to be well regarded here.
    There's a show coming up later this month at Ingliston near Edinburgh so I may get the chance to check a few makes out.


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    I'm constantly on a quest for good waterproof clothing at a decent price. Waterproof trousers are a particular problem and my success has been limited however, for what it is worth, here are my recent personal experiences:

    I love the Paramo stuff but the waterproof shells get torn too easily, their trousers lasted about 3 days in the Hebrides a few years back. Their trail shirts are excellent and all I wear.

    I have a Musto Highlands jacket which is great, especially for fishing remote lochs which I do a lot. It is my 2nd one and the first one lasted about 10 years+. Expensive though at 300ish.

    I've tried nearly all combinations of waterproof trousers with very limited success. However, recently I bought a pair of these which are on offer and they lasted 3 weeks in the Hebrides, and are still going strong, more than any other waterproof trouser has:


    They are lightweight, pretty much silent and although the camo pattern looks a bit odd it isn't bad on the hill and I think it will be OK in a lot of the lowland areas where I find myself as well. They are nowhere near as heavy/warm as other Harkila stuff so you can walk hard in them and not cook too badly. For 100 I think these are worthwhile.

    Recently I also found a Musto munro pro-tweed goretex jacket with a tweed pattern printed on it at a very good price (150ish) again from Swillington. Now it is an odd jacket being neither fish nor fowl but so far I've found it very good. The full price of them is near 400. I suspect they didn't sell well and so there might still be some around at a considerable discount.


    This jacket isn't as silent as some and doesn't have as many pockets as the Musto Highlands but the hood is good, it is comfortable and waterproof and very lightweight so ideal for autumn/summer or lowland stalking.

    I know it isn't quite within the 200 limit but for 250 you can go out in 600 worth of waterproofs at the minute. They may not be perfect in every respect but they are working well for me. I would imagine more shopping around would uncover other good value purchases but I can only discuss things I've tried.

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    Paramo Is not 100% water proof ive been using the gear since it came on the market (for climbing )you can wash it with the nikwax waterproofer it still lets in water the price out weighs anything else on the market other than harkila.

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    For stalking, Browning hydrofleece, Remington brand same as Browning stuff, (think theirs comes from the same factory), Whitewater outdoors brand very good for sub zero temps, Deerhunter as a slow third place, one season & it needs watching round the shoulders! 8)

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