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Thread: Nighforce and Sportsman gun centre

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    Nighforce and Sportsman gun centre

    I sent my nightforce scope to Sportsman gun centre 2 months ago regarding a problem with the illumination . I received it through the post today out of the blue , checked over and with a note saying serviced under warranty and no fault found. I must say its all working now. all seems good when the scope is mounted but will no more when I live fire it. However, it returned to me with no bill or invoice due, thats what I call good service.


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    You were without your scope for 2 months and they did nothing to it, yet you are pleased?

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    A strange things with Night Force scopes. Evidently they are getting a substantial amount of returns to the factory due to a yellowing of the optics; Substantial enough that they are having a hard time keeping up with the influx. The official word it that they are working on the problem and appreciate peoples business and, more, their patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    You were without your scope for 2 months and they did nothing to it, yet you are pleased?
    +1 "that's what I call crap service"

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    I'd have to agree, I had a focus issue with my Swarovski 10x42 Binos, sent to Swarovski and returned as new with a 3 week turnaround.

    2 months for no repair and your not sure if it's rectified.......
    I'd hold off on judgement until your 100%.

    Good luck and I hope you're happy with the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liongeorge View Post
    +1 "that's what I call crap service"
    They obviously sent it back and could not find a problem after testing. So they did do something,I took my jeep in to the garage as it had a habit of changing gear for no reason, after 3 days of testing,they could not figure out what the problem was even with the in built computer, I got a bill for 2500 as they decided to change the gear box. Perhaps they should have just sent him a we scope with a bill for it, some people need to live in the real world.
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    I'm still happy with their service. Apache, my Nightforce was maybe away for 2 months but it was not working as it should so i got it checked out. This had to go to the U.S. to be inspected and Sportsman Guncentre informed me it could take 6-8 wks. I was okay with this as i had just bought a Schmidt and Bender PM2. My Nightforce is back on my rifle again and zeroed.

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    Nighforce and Sportsman gun centre

    the scopes i don't rate and the service from sportsman seems to be heading the same way ?

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    Can't really see that Sportsman could do any more for the customer?

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    As long as Ian is happy what differance does it make to anyone else.

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