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Thread: Latest rifle camo job

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    Latest rifle camo job

    after the first camp job on te .243 i decided i wasnt happy with it, infact i thought it was a shocking job and wasnt very happy with myself so i stripped it and started again.

    For this job i used Halfords brand paints as they do a camo range (this is the honest truth i got asked by the girl at the desk if it came out camo coz the image on the can was DPM lmfao only in Telford)

    you will need:

    2x tins of khaki matt finish
    1x tin of olive or forest green matt finish
    1x tin of brown matt finish
    1 or 2 tins of clear coat lacquer
    1x tin gray of primer
    a few handfulls of grass
    some leafs
    some fine open net
    wide and thin masking tape

    always better to stick to one brand of paint for all colours, primers and lacquers.


    Start buy striping the rifle and giving it a really good clean. Once you happy it is clean and dry tape of anything you dont want painted ie, trigger unit, inside the action, etc and dont forget to block the end of the barrel, if you are painting the scope aswell make sure you tape up the dials on turrets etc. when everything is taped up give the barrel a key with some wire wool and give the stock a sand to help the paint bond. now toy are ready for the first coat of primer.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF7058.jpg 
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    once everything is primed (including mounts but tape of the inside of the rings). Give it 3 fine coats of gray primer and once it is dry give everything 2x thin coats of khaki all these coats had 15-25 mins drying between them (mat differ with other brands). Once the final coat of khaki is done leave it for a few hours to harden a little more and then put the rifle back together including mounts and scope (dont forget to remove the tape on the rings. Now give everything one more coat of khaki and when it is dry blow over it with a fine mist of green this is shown in second pic.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF7059.jpg 
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Name:	DSCF7063.jpg 
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    i put the studs into my rifle and hung it as it is allot easier to get to all the nooks n cranys on the rifle. Now leave it over night to harden.

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    Now is the artsy bit. Take long strips of wide masking tape and tare it into thin strips of varying lengths, now place them all over the gun in vertical and tiger stripes. Take time over this as it is important not to space them out evenly.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF7064.jpg 
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ID:	27833Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF7065.jpg 
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    Now cut the net into rounded shapes and space them over the rifle.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF7066.jpg 
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Name:	DSCF7067.jpg 
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    Now spread the grass over the rifle, not to think but nice and even.

    Attachment 27837Attachment 27838

    Take the green spray and holding the can about two - three feet from the rifle (try to keep it at 90 degrees to the area you are spraying and be carefull not to blow the grass etc of with the spray, so short sharp burst is best) give it 2-3 fine coats of green. Give 15-25 mins between coats and after the third coat give a few of the mesh areas a blast of brown and a few fine diagonal strikes of black to give a bit of counter shading, then lift the gun with the string and hang it and remove tt the grass etc while it is still tacky but be care full not to smudge the paint. Leave to dry for a few hours and repeat the process on the other side.

    Attachment 27839Attachment 27840Attachment 27841Attachment 27842

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    Now you are ready for the home straight. Start by removing all the tiger stripes, make sure you get them all as you dont want to leave any behind.

    Attachment 27843Attachment 27844

    Once all the tiger stripes are removed take one of the leafs and hold it over each of the stripes like a stencil and give a couple of fine blasts of brown

    Attachment 27847Attachment 27848Attachment 27849Attachment 27850Attachment 27851Attachment 27852

    Now give everything as many thin coats of clear matt finish lacquer as you can till the can runs out but dont forget your bolt handle. Tape of everything except for the handle itself and follow all the above steps.

    Attachment 27846Attachment 27845

    Will post images of the final product tomorrow once the lacquer has cured. It will be 7 days before it is fully cures and is chip resistant.

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    think it looks awful to spoil a rifle i cant see any manufacture's producing this crap and can see why

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajr View Post
    think it looks awful to spoil a rifle i cant see any manufacture's producing this crap and can see why
    Why is it 'spoiled'? looks like a great cheap way to brighten up an otherwise 'tired' looking old rifle whilst protecting it and making it practical to use.
    I look forward to seeing the finished project!
    Nice job mate, thanks for taking the time to post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajr View Post
    think it looks awful to spoil a rifle i cant see any manufacture's producing this crap and can see why
    If we were all the same it would be a god awful world and communism has failed.
    If it floats yer boat and doesn't harm anybody then fill your boots.

    For one awful minute toytown I thought you were just going to get out the Pritstick and glue everything to the gun. All you needed then was a ghillie suit. Oh god don't say you've got one of them too!!
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    I have a cammo Thermos, i think i remember where i laid it down.

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    I think that is fantastic! I'd love to do it to mine but haven't got the bottle or the patience

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    Very impressive bit of work although, not my cup of tea!!............are you going to install a tracking system to it?because when you lay it down to gralloch your kill,you are gonna have real fun finding it again!!!!!

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    If camo guns floats your boat go for it, personally while I like the look, I wouldn't want to do it to any of my rifles, well
    except for the Blaser, no matter what you couldn't make that look any worse


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